2015-2016 SEASON
2 december 2015
At 16 years, 11 months and 12 days old, first Premier League match.Two minutes at home against Caen ,16th day (1-1)

10 december 2015
I play my first minutes in the European Cup. 34 minutes of gameplay against Tottenham in the European League. We lost 4-1.

16 december 2015
I am a first team player in the 8th final of the French League Cup against Bordeaux. Lost 3-0.

20 february 2016
I’m off and I score my first Premier League goal at home against Troyes 3-1.

28 february 2016
The first time I was selected for the Premier League against Nantes 0-0.

20 march 2016
My first time playing in the Parc des Princes against PSG.

2016-2017 SEASON