Nike – Official partner of Kylian Mbappé since 2006.


A major player in the world of football, the Swiss watch-maker is proud to support Kylian Mbappé, a champion who embodies the dream and victory!
“Hublot embodies this fusion of innovation, new technologies and materials, which greatly appeals to me. They unconditionally support my sport and are associated with my finest moments in football, so I am proud to become the first active footballer to act as an ambassador for the brand!”

Good Goût is a 100% organic brand that is constantly expanding through its new range Good Goût Kidz: tasty and healthy products, specially for children.
One common goal: working together to help kids eat healthier!
For Kylian, “healthy eating is so important. I’m still learning myself. Since its creation, Good Goût has made a commitment to better help children grow by teaching them the joy of eating healthily. The team is passionate, daring and authentic. These are values that I share, and I am proud to support them in this challenge that is close to my heart. Their approach is closely aligned with my plans for the future generation!”

In June 2019 Kylian Mbappe and BULK HOMME, a Japanese Men’s skincare brand, sent a message to the rest of the world.
The simple message represents the brand concept 「THE BASICS」. BULK HOMME continually researches what the basic skincare for men is. BULK HOMME’s approach searches for simplicity and purity which is reflected not only in their products but also their minimalistic packaging.
Klyian believes that it is important for men to take care of themselves just as women do. He has chosen the partnership with BULK HOMME for the quality of product, the brand concept and its style.